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Just WOW!

First time I've heard about this type of sacred medicine more than a year ago. I wanted to try in Europe, but all the time the circumstances were against me. And then, while being in Thailand, I met @kambothailand. Yes, for the first time I was a bit scared, especially after reading all those articles on the internet about "extreme purging", but Amy led me in a very professional way. What a bright energy! Her take on the sessions was exactly that what I needed. The feeling after the session is just WOW! I had 3 sessions with her and looking for more in the future. Highly recommended for all who want deep physical and mental detox. Thank you, @kambothailand!

So Good!

Such a positive first experience with this medicine. Amy made the process enjoyable and sometimes even relaxing. She was thoroughly professional and great at keeping the levity flowing and maintaining the balance of humour and fun through what can be a physically and emotionally heavy process. So good. Definitely recommend!! Thank you, Amy!

Works its own magic!

Couldn't recommend Kambo Thailand enough, my first experience went so smoothly, thanks to my wonderful practitioner. All three ceremonies were perfection and I felt so focused after each one. I did a total of three ceremonies so far, looking forward to the next. This Amazonian detox works its own magic! 

Shannon Barry, April 2018

Nothing short of amazing!

My experience with Kambo Thailand was nothing short of amazing. The energy flow from start to finish seemed effortless by my practitioner, Amy is fantastic! All my questions and concerns where brought to rest before my session and the end results for me where intensely magical. I am highly grateful for the passion and exposure to this medicine. I absolutely can not wait to do more sessions and reap the benefits of such a unique and accent medicine. Thank you again for all your light and care !

Chrissy Schelb, September 2018

Positive life-changing experience!

Being introduced to the world of plant medicine has undoubtedly been one of the positive life-changing experiences for me, and with it, being introduced to one of the most incredible people on this planet - Amy.

I've been blessed to have numerous Kambo sessions in my life. Both in Peru and here in Thailand; here at Kambo Thailand, you walk into a homely, familiar surrounding, served this magical medicine with the utmost love and respect.

This place calls to me, and I hope you hear it calling for your name also.

Love and Light.

Sebastian Roxley, September 2018‎ 

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